Alinea is proud to announce that one of our aged care physiotherapists has been selected to represent Australia in the upcoming World Athletics Road Running Championships in Latvia!

Sinead Noonan, a physio at our Koh-I-Noor facility in Wembley, will wear the Green and Gold in the Half Marathon event.

Sinead has been working at Alinea for nearly four years and has been running competitively for almost six years.

She says it’s an honour to represent Australia: “It’s really exciting! I’ve been working really hard for the last couple of years to improve and get to the level where I can represent Australia. I’m hoping it’s just the beginning as I know I have a lot of room to continue improving and many years left running (hopefully!)”

Sinead enjoys the simplicity of running as a sport: “The personal challenge to improve and strive to reach my potential…the solitude and time in nature to reflect on the day ahead/passed…the friendships I’ve made with fellow runners…the feeling of being fit/healthy…travelling for races…and the post run coffee! I think you can learn a lot of lessons about yourself, discipline, perseverance, and facing/overcoming challenges through sport that are transferable to other areas of life.”

In terms of being a member of the Alinea community, Sinead loves “the close team/family feel that we have as a staff group at Koh-I-Noor. I love building relationships with our residents, working directly with them to stay healthy, fit, strong and on the move!”

Naturally, the community reciprocates and will be cheering Sinead on in Latvia!