The LiveLighter Aged Care Games are set up to provide an opportunity for people in ‘care’ situations to experience team participation and light competition as well as social interaction through adapted games in a community recreation facility.

The latest edition of the Games was held this past Monday and it was the first year since COVID that Ritcher Lodge was again able to participate in the event (which otherwise typically occurs every year).

The competition saw a dozen teams compete in games such as noodle hockey, bean bag toss, skittles, and ball passing. Staff also had to compete in one event.

Our team – dubbed ‘Ritcher’s Village People’ – were suitably attired in disco/1970s outfits. The team members were John Read, June Lindsay, Kathie O’Connell, Moira Maclennan, Hazel Olofsson, Cath Taylor, Colleen Willliams, and Raelene Collard.

The residents came back ecstatic that they won and couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces. Everyone said they had a wonderful time going out. We get to keep the trophy until next year.

Today, a celebratory morning tea was held at Ritcher to salute the victorious team.