Did you know that Western Australia will be introducing a new currency this year? From 2 June 2020, eligible plastic and glass beverage containers will be worth 10 cents each if collected and returned to a designated station, so your old Coke can, plastic water bottle or other drinks container will become legal tender.

All this is because WA will be introducing a Container Deposit Scheme, or CDS, with the aims of reducing litter, increasing recycling and creating new opportunities for the community to participate in environmental protection.

Beverage containers currently make up 44% of all litter by volume in WA so encouraging consumers to return their empty containers for a refund will reduce litter and thus help the environment at the same time – a real win-win!

ParaQuad Industries has made application to the Scheme Coordinator to operate a Refund and Aggregation Point under the WA CDS at our Shenton Park site and will be partnering in this venture with Return-IT, a company with experience and expertise in operating multiple Refund Points in other Australian states.

Look out for further information about this exciting development over the next few months, and start saving your containers to bring to PQI’s Refund Point. See you there!