ParaQuad Industries is proud to have been accredited as a responsible exporter of used clothing by the industry’s peak body, Charitable Recycling Australia.

Charitable Recycling Australia (CRA) is the national network of charitable purpose-driven reuse and recycling enterprises.

CRA has established a credible, realistic and practical accreditation process to provide a standard for the export of second-hand clothing for reuse.

Fast fashion consumer preferences generating excess textiles, and the lack of scalable domestic recycling or remanufacturing in Australia, means reuse exports are an important social, environmental and economic activator helping the environment and those in need.

The Clothing Reuse Export Accreditation Scheme provides confidence to government, stakeholders and consumers that the clothes being donated to charities are being managed in a responsible way.

This means that where donated clothes are being exported or provided to a third party, that it is done in an environmentally and socially appropriate manner, and that there are objective checks and balances to show that.